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The Multifunctional Battalion - Hlohovec


Hlohovec is situated in the valley between the south spur of foothills Považský Inovec and part of Nitrianska pahorkatina. The town ranks according to standardization of the present country among the urban types of lowland country. Váh, the longest Slovak river, flows through the town. It is a crossroad between historical towns Trnava and Nitra, near the worldwide famous spa- Piešťany.

Thanks for his advantageous location, Hlohovec was settled in early Stone Age. The first trustworthy notation is Zobor document from 1113. There was described a medieval castle with the adjacent village. In past, the town was an important centre of trade and administration in the whole region. Nowadays, we can find history of Hlohovec in well preserved functional buildings and areas.

The most important and dominant historical sight of the town is a castle. It was originally the medieval castle. The shape of this building is an irregular pentagon with three floors. It has about forty rooms. The part of the castle is a chapel with baroque altar. There is a unique empire theatre from 1802 in the area of the castle. It’s oldest sustentative building of theatre in Slovakia. The most beautiful and attended nature complex of the town is castle’s park with French terrace.




The government granted a request of local authorities which demand from Ministry of Defence allocation of permanent a military garrison. They rationalized it with repeated unrests whose initiators were communists. There were built ground floor buildings close to the way to brewery on the lands of count Erdédy. Construction began in 1925 and after completion barracks were occupied by soldiers of battalion of the 23rd infantry regiment from Trnava. The stable armed replaced military police. Soldiers of this battalion have never been detached.

  • The garrison was established by order of Minister of Defence in 1928.
  • Garrison Hlohovec with garrison Trnava joined Slovak National Uprising in 1944.
  • There had been found armoured battalion until 1961.
  • Modern history began in 1961 the 4th army transport service was formed by the order of Minister of Defence.
  • In 1990 the 4th army transport service was renamed to the 3rd army transport service.
  • On the 1st Oct. 1995 the 3rd army transport service was renamed on the 5th traffic base.
  • This traffic base finished its activities the 1st Oct. 2001 and it was reorganized by the order of Minister of Defence to Base of Logistic Support.
  • On 1st Oct. 2004 Command Logistic and Support Company was established.


  • The unit was created on the 6th Aug 1961 by merger of transport school and transport company in garrison Mladá – nowadays Czech Republic.
  • The name of unit was the 53rd transport battalion.
  • On 6th Oct 1968 army unit 4444 was relocated from the garrison Mladá to the garrison Hlohovec.
  • In 1972 the unit obtained honour as the best unit and the 1st place from all the units in the military eastern sphere.
  • On 1st Nov 1983, the 53rd transport battalion was renamed to the 13th battalion of material provision of troops.
  • On 1st Oct 1995 the unit was renamed to the 1st battalion of material provision of troops.
  • To the 1st Oct 2000 it was renamed to the 1st transport battalion.
  • To the 1st Oct 2004 it was reorganized to Multifunctional battalion – fully professional.


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